Jamf Parent is a free iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Android app that allows you to manage your children's school-issued mobile devices. Using Jamf Parent, you can restrict and allow apps and device functionality on your children's devices. You can only manage your children's devices with Jamf Parent during the time periods specified by your school's Information Technology department.

Parental Control Hours: 4:00pm - 7:00am

Note: When disabling the Social Media Category you will also be blocking Schoology App & Gmail.

Getting Started with Jamf Parent

Allowing and Restricting Apps

Enabling App Lock

Setting Locations

Setting Device Rules

Removing a Child's Device from Jamf Parent

Quick Guide (see attached PDF for visuals)

Step 1:  Download the JAMF Parent App onto your device.

Step 2:  Complete the set up guide in the JAMF Parent App to the Get Started screen.  You will need the QR code on your Student’s iPad for the next steps.

Step 3:  Open JAMF Student on the student iPad, then tap on your child's profile photo in the top left.

Step 4:  Select Authorize Parent.

Step 5: Scan the QR code for your student using the JAMF Parent App to complete the process.

Note: You can add additional devices using the same steps.

Video Disclaimer: 

We do not use "Self Service" our student QR code is housed in the Student JAMF app 

on their iPad (located after clicking their profile photo in the top left, then "Authorize Parent")